You've decided to list your home. What's a savvy seller to do next? Other than enlisting the support of a professional agent, you should consider completing those languishing home projects. We've compiled a list of top performing projects in our market that will attract more buyers and sell your home faster without crushing your wallet.

1. Remove the clutter!

 Removing the clutter can be completely FREE!

Take your buyer's eye through each room in your home and remove the 


along with unnecessary or bulky furniture that makes the space feel smaller.

2. Spruce up your landscaping! Every bit of sweat effort will encourage potential buyers to enter your home with a more open mind.

3. Paint:  We're not just talking the interior walls (but you should definitely consider this expense) we're talking the GARAGE FLOOR. Scratching your head? If you're taking care of your garage, you're probably maintaining your home's interior, as well!

4. Pressure Wash: 

Exterior walls, fencing, sidewalks, mail box, etc. If it can be seen it should be cleaned!

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